Full List of Exhibitors

ACT Publishing Ltd
Stand Number: 11
Business Website Address: www.actpub.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01622 695656
Business Fax: 01622 663733
Business Contact Email: info@actpub.co.uk
Aeroplas UK Ltd.
Stand Number: B9
Business Website Address: http://www.aeroplas.net
Business Phone Number: 0121 522 3000
Business Contact Email: aeverett@aeroplas.net
Animal and Plant Health Agency
Stand Number: F1
Business Website Address: http://www.gov.uk/apha
Business Phone Number: 01904 405124
Business Contact Email: carol.jackson@apha.gov.uk
Ball Colegrave Ltd.
Stand Number: C3
Business Website Address: http://www.ballcolegrave.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01295 811833
Business Fax: 01295 812135
Business Contact Email: info@ballcolegrave.com
Stand Number: E5
Business Website Address: http://www.bhgsltd.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01243 578800
Business Fax: 01243 578801
Business Contact Email: paul.roman@bhgsltd.co.uk
Blue Ribbon Plants
Stand Number: B4
Business Website Address: http://www.blueribbonplants.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01243 512862
Business Contact Email: sales@blueribbonplants.co.uk
Bridge Greenhouses Ltd.
Stand Number: A4
Business Website Address: http://www.bridgegreenhouses.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01243 641789
Business Contact Email: south@bridgegreenhouses.co.uk
Brinkman UK Ltd.
Stand Number: D6
Business Website Address: www.royalbrinkman.com
Business Phone Number: 01482 842123
Business Contact Email: sales@brinkmanuk.co.uk
Bulrush Horticulture Ltd
Stand Number: C2
Business Website Address: http://www.bulrush.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 028 7938 6555
Business Fax: 028 7938 6741
Business Contact Email: mjc@bulrush.co.uk
Cameron Irrigation Systems Limited
Stand Number: B8
Business Website Address: http://www.cameronirrigation.co.uk/
Business Phone Number: 01903 739267
Business Fax: 01903 739555
Business Contact Email: info@cameronirrigation.co.uk
Chapel Cottage Plants Ltd
Stand Number: 26
Business Website Address: http://www.chapel-cottage.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01354 740938
Business Fax: 01354 741345
Business Contact Email: info@chapel-cottage.co.uk
Chichester Farm and Machinery
Stand Number: 22
Business Phone Number: 01243 531298
Business Contact Email: sales@chichesterfarmmachinery.co.uk
City Irrigation Ltd
Stand Number: 5
Business Website Address: http://www.cityirrigation.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01243 827178
Business Contact Email: David@cityirrigation.co.uk
Commercial Horticultural Association
Stand Number: 29
Business Website Address: http://www.cha-hort.com
Copely Developments Ltd
Stand Number: 38
Business Website Address: http://www.copely.com
Business Contact Email: sales@copely.com
Crystaline Communications
Stand Number: A6
Business Website Address: www.wearecrystaline.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 0344 8464 222
Business Contact Email: pinder@wearecrystaline.co.uk
Stand Number: 2
Business Phone Number: 01903 721591
Business Contact Email: info@fargro.co.uk
Desch Plantpak Ltd
Stand Number: C10
Business Website Address: https://desch.nl/en
Business Phone Number: +44 (0)1621 745500
Business Fax: +44 (0)1621 745525
Business Contact Email: sales@desch-plantpak.co.uk
Stand Number: 8
Business Website Address: http://www.dura-id.com
Business Phone Number: +44 (0)1480 274 230
Business Contact Email: horticulture@dura-id.com
Earley Ornamentals Ltd
Stand Number: B3
Business Website Address: http://www.earleyornamentals.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01845 524511
Business Fax: 01845 526354
Business Contact Email: sales@earleyplants.co.uk
Elburg Smit
Stand Number: E9
Business Website Address: https://www.elburgsmit.com
Business Phone Number: 07831 201723
Business Contact Email: msutton@elburgsmit.co.uk
Fargro Ltd.
Stand Number: A1 & F10
Business Website Address: www.fargro.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01903 721591
Business Fax: 01903 883303
Business Contact Email: info@fargro.co.uk
Fargro Planters
Stand Number: 1
Fertil UK
Stand Number: C9
Business Website Address: http://www.fertil.fr
Business Phone Number: +33 (0)6 71 70 69 70
Business Contact Email: francis-paon@fertil.fr
Floramedia UK Ltd
Stand Number: A2
Business Website Address: http://www.floramedia.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01206 771040
Business Contact Email: andy.dyer@floramedia.co.uk
Florensis Flower Seeds UK Ltd.
Stand Number: E7
Business Website Address: www.florensis.com
Business Phone Number: 01954 207702
Business Contact Email: info@florensis.co.uk
Stand Number: E8
Business Website Address: http://www.polyhouses.com
Business Phone Number: 01243 55 44 55
Business Contact Email: info@polyhouses.com
GAL Systems Ltd
Stand Number: 12
Business Website Address: http://www.galsystems.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01483 272958
Business Fax: 07006 004899
Business Contact Email: sales@galsystems.co.uk
Growtrain Ltd
Stand Number: D7
Business Website Address: http://www.growtrain.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01243 216278
Business Contact Email: courses@growtrain.co.uk
H. Smith Plastics Ltd
Stand Number: B2
Business Website Address: http://www.plantcell.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01268 733088
Business Fax: 01268 560561
Business Contact Email: hsp@plantcell.co.uk
Stand Number: 24
Business Website Address: http://www.hagelunie.co.uk
Business Contact Email: kr.ltd@btinternet.com
Henderson Brown Recruitment Ltd
Stand Number: C11
Business Website Address: http://www.hendbrown.com
Business Phone Number: 01733 235111
Hortec Ltd.
Stand Number: E1
Business Website Address: http://www.hortec.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01295 688422
Business Fax: 01295 688455
Business Contact Email: stevendunn@hortec.co.uk
Stand Number: A8
Business Website Address: http://hortifeeds.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01522 704404
Business Contact Email: info@hortifeeds.co.uk
Stand Number: D4
Business Website Address: http://www.hortipak.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 0115 937 6355
Business Contact Email: enquiries@hortipak.co.uk
Hortisystems UK Ltd
Stand Number: D8
Business Website Address: http://www.hortisystems.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01798 815815
Business Fax: 01798 815816
Business Contact Email: sales@hortisystems.co.uk
ICL (Formally Everris)
Stand Number: E3
Business Website Address: http://www.icl-sf.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01473 237111
Business Fax: 01473 237150
Business Contact Email: Prof.sales@icl-group.com
Jelitto Perennial Seeds
Stand Number: 4
Business Website Address: http://www.jelitto.com
Business Phone Number: 01480 463570
Business Fax: 01480 466042
Jiffy Products (UK) Ltd
Stand Number: 35
Business Website Address: http://www.jiffygroup.com
Business Phone Number: 0870 366 7930
Business Contact Email: s.godfrey@jiffygroup.com
John Richards Nursery
Stand Number: 25
Business Website Address: http://www.johnrichardsnurseries.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01684 540790
Business Contact Email: paul@john-richards-nurseries.co.uk
Kernock Park Plants
Stand Number: F9
Business Website Address: http://www.kernock.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01579 350561
Business Fax: 01579 351151
Business Contact Email: sales@kernock.co.uk
Klasmann Deilmann GmbH
Stand Number: 39
Business Website Address: http://www.klasmann-deilmann.com
Business Phone Number: 07733 111 722
Business Fax: 00 49 5937 31 5164
Business Contact Email: paul.hogben@klasmann-deilmann.com
Koppert UK Ltd.
Stand Number: A7
Business Website Address: http://www.koppert.com
Business Phone Number: 01440 704488
Business Contact Email: nprocter@koppert.co.uk
LBS Horticulture
Stand Number: F11/F16
Business Website Address: http://www.lbsbuyersguide.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01282 873333
Business Contact Email: sales@lbs-global.com
Locators Ltd
Stand Number: D3
Business Website Address: http://www.locators.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01202 854200
Business Fax: 01202 854239
Business Contact Email: nick.hitchcock@locators.co.uk
LoveLocalJobs Foundation C.I.C
Stand Number: 32
Business Contact Email: paul@lovelocaljobs.com
Mechanical Botanical
Stand Number: 21
Business Website Address: http://www.mechanical-botanical.com
Business Phone Number: 01428 683505
Business Fax: 01428 682308
Business Contact Email: info@mechanical-botanical.com
Melcourt Industries Ltd
Stand Number: 40
Business Website Address: http://www.melcourt.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01666 502711
Business Fax: 01666 504398
Business Contact Email: neil@melcourt.co.uk
Modiform B.V.
Stand Number: 37
Business Website Address: http://www.modiform.com
Business Phone Number: 0772 5036736
Business Contact Email: sales@modiform.nl
Moles Seeds
Stand Number: 36
Business Website Address: http://www.molesseeds.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01206 213213
Business Contact Email: sales@molesseeds.co.uk
Stand Number: C8
Business Website Address: http://www.morepeople.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01780 480530
Business Fax: 01780 765217
Business Contact Email: info@morepeople.co.uk
Natwest Commercial Banking
Stand Number: F8
Business Website Address: www.natwest.com
Business Phone Number: 01903 261592 / 07554 437101
Business Contact Email: dominic.lee@natwest.com
New Leaf Irrigation
Stand Number: 34
Business Website Address: http://www.newleafirrigation.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 07767 160939 / 01772 691896
Business Contact Email: mark@newleafirrigation.co.uk
Newey Ltd
Stand Number: C5
Business Website Address: http://www.newey.com
Business Phone Number: 01798 873 774
Business Contact Email: sales@newey.com
Northern Polytunnels
Stand Number: 6
Business Website Address: http://www.northernpolytunnels.co.uk/
Business Phone Number: 01282 873120
Business Fax: 01282 871733
Business Contact Email: sales@npstructures.co.uk
Nostrand Ltd
Stand Number: C7
Business Website Address: www.nostrand-ltd.com/horticultural
Business Contact Email: Harry.k@nostrand-ltd.com
Stand Number: B1
Business Website Address: http://www.omex.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01553 760011
Business Contact Email: horticulture@omex.com
Pasquini & Bini
Stand Number: 2
Pentland Plants Ltd
Stand Number: 9
Business Website Address: http://www.pentlandplants.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 0131 440 0895
Business Contact Email: sales@pentlandplants.co.uk
Perennial – Gardeners Royal Benevolent Society
Stand Number: 32
Business Website Address: http://www.perennial.org.uk/
Business Phone Number: 01372 235436
Business Contact Email: pswainston@perennial.org.uk
PG Horticulture Ltd
Stand Number: C4
Business Website Address: http://www.pghorticulture.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01327 828373
Business Fax: 01327 300139
Business Contact Email: james@pghorticulture.co.uk
Polybuild Ltd
Stand Number: B16
Business Website Address: http://www.polybuild.com
Business Phone Number: 01903 892333
Business Fax: 01903 892777
Business Contact Email: sales@polybuild.com
Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG
Stand Number: A12
Business Website Address: http://www.poeppelmann.com/teku
Business Phone Number: +49 4442 982-1680
Business Fax: +49 4442 982-1656
Business Contact Email: teku@poeppelmann.com
Stand Number: F11
Business Website Address: poruspipe.co.uk
Business Contact Email: info@porouspipe.co.uk
Pro-Force Ltd.
Stand Number: B 6-7
Business Website Address: www.pro-force.co.uk 
Business Phone Number: 0333 335 6262
Business Contact Email: tom.fordyce@pro-force.co.uk
Quinton Edwards
Stand Number: C1
Business Website Address: http://www.quintonedwards.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01635 551441
Business Contact Email: simon@quintons.co.uk
Rainbow Professional Ltd
Stand Number: B5
Business Website Address: http://www.rainbow.eu.com
Business Phone Number: 01482 616861
Business Contact Email: p.greaves@rainbow.eu.com
Rod Gaskin Ltd
Stand Number: E2
Business Website Address: http://www.rodgaskin.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01420 587372
Business Fax: 01420 587376
Business Contact Email: sales@rodgaskin.co.uk
Rotomation UK Ltd
Stand Number: D9
Business Website Address: http://www.rotomation.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01772 614111
Business Contact Email: sales@rotomation.co.uk
Rudy Raes Bloemzaden NV
Stand Number: B12
Business Website Address: http://www.raes.be
Business Phone Number: 01328 851902
Business Contact Email: info@raes.be
Stand Number: A10
Business Website Address: www.sinclairpro.com
Business Phone Number: 0151 356 6014
Business Contact Email: sales@sinclairpro.com
Stand Number: 41
Business Website Address: http://www.soparco.com
Business Phone Number: +33 (0)2 33 73 30 11
Business Fax: +33 (0)2 33 73 38 06
Business Contact Email: info@soparco.com
Southern Trident Ltd
Stand Number: A9
Business Website Address: Southerntrident.com
Business Contact Email: paula@southerntrident.com
Stand Number: D2
Business Website Address: www.terrazzamc.uk
Business Contact Email: sales@terrazzamc.uk
Stand Number: 31
Business Website Address: http://www.rspb.org.uk
Business Phone Number: 01273 763380
Business Contact Email: kathryn.burnett@rspb.org.uk
Tyne Moulds & Machinery Co Ltd
Stand Number: A3
Business Website Address: http://www.tynemoulds.com
Business Phone Number: 0191 239 4953
Business Fax: 0191 239 4952
Business Contact Email: james@tynemoulds.co.uk
UPL Europe Ltd
Stand Number: D5
Business Website Address: www.upl-ltd.com/uk
Business Phone Number: 01925 819999
Business Contact Email: Roy.robinson@upl-ltd.com
Stand Number: B15
Business Website Address: http://www.volmary.com
Business Phone Number: 01945 410411
Business Contact Email: sales@volmary.com
Woodland Horticulture Ltd
Stand Number: D1
Business Website Address: http://www.woodlandhp.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01458 441122
Business Fax: 01458 441123
Business Contact Email: info@woodlandhp.co.uk
XL Horticulture Ltd
Stand Number: B11
Business Website Address: http://www.xlhorticulture.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01404 823044
Business Fax: 01404 823335
Business Contact Email: owen@xlhorticulture.co.uk
Yara UK Ltd
Stand Number: B13
Business Website Address: http://www.yara.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01472 889250
Business Fax: 01472 889251
Business Contact Email: tom.decamp@yara.com